Vice President and Board Members 

Final nominations have been submitted and results of the election will be announced later this year.

Jeremy Smith, President

His experience, insight, leadership, commitment to excellence and overall respect in the mortgage industry makes us proud to have him guiding this organization. He is and always will be an esteemed colleague to the over three thousand licensed loan originators here in the great state of Texas.

Strong leaders are like a compass.

They define an organization's vision and its direction. They give us the language to communicate this vision with the wider public. And in times of industry concern and increasing need, a vision which brings professionals closer to your mission has never
​been more important.

Being a leader takes boldness. Because we are quite frankly, a workforce driven by passion, intelligence and determination. A leader is not simply a competent manager but a person with a bigger vision and the shrewdness to make that vision a reality.

We are proud to announce the inaugural President-Elect of the Texas Mortgage Association:

Mr. Jeremy Smith